Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Battle of Hair Oils

Last year I feel that we were bombarded with oils for haircare and skincare. We shifted from the belief that using oils will make your hair or face greasy and dry oils entered our lives. Each brand started making their own and here I am with four of them to let you know how I use them and which one I believe does the best job for my hair.

First things first I personally have fine hair that gets greasy very easily. I use the oils from ear length down and I find each one of them very lightweight and I never had problems with weighing my hair down or getting it greasy. The first one is L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil which is the cheapest of the bunch and suitable for all hair types. I use about 2 pumps of these and I find it really moisturising for my hair. It helps with dry ends and it’s very lightweight. Next in line is the Kerastase Elixir Ultimate for Colour-Treated Hair, which retails for 30.20£. It is super expensive for a hair oil in my opinion, but the one I have is a little sample that I got from a magazine a while ago, and oh boy I do enjoy this one! It is super lightweight, I use about 5 pumps of this because the little sample pump doesn’t squirt much product out, and it is extra nourishing for my ombre hair. It is that lightweight, that it doesn’t even leave my hands greasy afterwards, it gets absorbed really quickly. Next we have the very popular and super hyped around the blogging community, the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment. This is also super expensive, it retails for about 25£ for 125ml, but I got it in a set with other Macadamia products so it was less than half the price. Macadamia also do different sizes of that one, starting from 5£ for 10ml. Being a higher end hair oil you would expect having the most awesome results ever! I didn’t really get any impressive results from it that the rest of the oils wouldn’t give me. It is a bit more heavy and thick and it does nourish my hair and leave it very soft. Everyone has gone mad over its scent but seriously I don’t think there’s anything extraordinary about it! My favourite scent hands down is the one of Marrakesh Oil Hair Stylish Elixir*. This one smells divine and it does linger for about two days in your hair. This one nourishes my hair and leaves it feeling soft, takes care of my dry ends, makes it shiny plus it does help it dry faster as it claims! I don’t really know how it does that but I’ve noticed it especially in the summer and I was really impressed! I use about 1 pump of this and it is quite thick but without weighing your hair down; it feels a little bit silicony. This one is not exactly drugstore price either, it retails for 20€ for 60ml, but the main ingredient is Organic Argan Oil so I guess you are paying for the really natural ingredients! If I'm not mistaken you can ask them to send you 1-2 sachets as a sample to test it out. Find them on Facebook and ask for it, they're super kind!

These are the hair oils that I’ve tried so far and I’m happy to have jumped on the wagon of using dry oils in general. I do want to point out that you don’t really need to break the bank to have shiny, nourished hair. Coconut oil (which I talked about here) would do the exact same thing for you, used as a mask before washing your hair or even overnight, however it’s not as convenient and it doesn’t feel as luxurious, since it doesn’t smell that freaking good!

Have you tried any of them? Let me know your experience in the comments!

Georgina x x x


  1. From these 4 I've only tried the Kerastase one and I liked it! I have fine and greasy hair like you and my favorite was the Garnier Miraculous Oil when I had long hair as it's more lightweight than the Kerastase and pretty hydrating :) x

    1. I haven't tried the Garnier one, it's definitely on my list though! Thanks for the recommendation! x x x