Friday, 31 January 2014

Brand Intorduction: EVDERMIA

Today we are going to talk about skincare! I was introduced to the brand EVDERMIA by my dermatologist who prescribed a mask by them and after seeing the wonderful results I deided to contact them to see where I could get some samples of the creams they do. They were so kind to send me some full size products and now I have a broader opinion about the brand in general rather than a single product. It is a Greek brand, targeted to acne and hair loss mainly, and you can find their products only in pharmacies/online pharmacies. Most pharmacies do not stock them so you might need to pre-order them. Below you can read the reviews for each individual product which have helped my acne prone skin loads.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Body, Hair and Nail Favourites 2013

This “2013 Favourites” seems to have been going on for ages! I really thought of doing the ‘13 products of 2013’ kind of post but I really wanted to share with you my little finds over the past year and, let’s be honest, I couldn’t really pick only 13 products! That’s why today I laid all my body butters and lotions, hair tools and accessories as well as nail polishes on my daybed and finally decided on what I was gravitating most towards in 2013! There’s a lot, I know, but I will try not to get into much detail about each one of them!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Skincare Favourites 2013

Today we are talking about my favourite topic; skincare. After everything I’ve been through with my acne (and I mention that in every single post, I seriously need to stop doing that) I can tell with certainty that I have found some products that can actually work even on skins with hormonal acne and are worth mentioning and raving about. However, before I start talking about these gems I need to stress out that I do believe that skincare is kind of a trial and error procedure. The fact that I suffer from hormonal acne and you may too does not mean that these products will clear up your face, they might even make you worse, because no skin reacts the same to the same ingredients. So before you take my word for granted, take a look at the ingredient list of a product before you try it on yourself because you might find that that particular ingredient has the exact opposite result on your skin. With that being said let’s talk about what helped me get through 2013.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Make Up Favourites 2013

This post is dedicated to the heroes of my makeup drawer throughout 2013. This year was more of a skincare revelation one, however as I was searching through my stash, I realised that I did try a good amount of makeup items that I kept coming back to over the year.

Review: Avon Glimmerstick Brow Definer

I have never been a huge fan of Avon; I have tried quite a few products and I was never massively disappointed in any way. However, I believe that for the quality you can find cheaper alternatives out there and you could be able to swatch as well before you buy it!