Monday, 28 January 2013

I Hit Pan Vol. I

This is my first attempt of doing that kind of post. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, you basically save the empty packaging of products that you’ve finished up and review them after you’ve actually used the product!

I’ve been trying to collect empty products for at least 5 months now, not because I don’t go through stuff but because I didn’t seem to be able to get hold of empty bottles. Apparently, my boyfriend thought it was unnecessary and at the same time untidy of me to keep empty bottles, so thought it was his call to throw them in the recycling bin without asking me! In his defense I hadn’t told him why I was gathering them but it’s his fault it took me so much time to get hold of eight empty bottles and tubes. These products are mainly skincare; I don’t go through make-up products that frequently. Let’s dig in then!
1. Vichy NormadermNuit Chrono-Active Anti-Imperfection Care
I love this night cream. It is from the Normaderm range which is designed specifically for acne and shine prone skin. It does not feel like a gel when you put it on like a lot of combination to oily skincare products feel but is rather creamy. In the  morning I feel my skin very moisturized and soft but very oily as well!I do not mind the oiliness at all if a product tightens my pores and helps to eradicate random blackheads and blemishes which is exactly what this product does overnight! I have already bought my 3rd tube in a row and I feel pretty dedicated to it!
2. Bath & BodyWorks Vanilla Bean Noel candle
This is a mini,almost sample size, candle which smells so divine that I felt so miserable when it ran out. It is from the limited Christmas range and is described as “a warm blend of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel and rich, comforting cream”. It smells heavenly, I can assure you. How many days until next Christmas that this willbe launched?

3. Body Farm Intim Wash Lotion Sage and Chamomile

The matter of what to use for your, hmm, let’s say intimate areas, is very weird talking about but I have felt very confused over the years and thought I’d share! Doctors tell you one thing and then you see products at the drugstore with the label ‘tested by gynecologists/ dermatologists’ and you wonder whether your doctor would approve! My doctor has suggested that I use chamomile soap, which I have for years. But then I heard that it is very antihygienic to use a bar of soap and had to switch to something like a showergel and I have been very satisfied with this one which contains chamomile and sage. There was no irritation and although the smell can put you off you don’t really smell it after you wash it off! The replacement is already in my bathroom!

4. Syoss Substance and Strength Shampoo
I love this shampoo. To be honest, I love Syoss as a brand just because it’s great value for money. I’ve tried almost every variation that there is outthere and they’ve never let me down. This particular one did help with the hairloss that I’ve been coping with recently and made my hair extra silky and smooth. I would definitely recommend that!
5. Apivita Cleansing 3 in 1 Cleansing Milk Face and Eye
I got this one from a magazine as a sample and I have to say that they were very generous with the amount of product in it! I was not taken back by the quality, it is an ok cleanser. I am not such a huge fan of products that claim to do all in one. I prefer the traditional way of cleansing. It didn’t succeed in taking mascara off completely and I did have a sticky face after using it. Iwouldn’t spend money on that product, sorry Apivita!
6.  L’oreal Pure Zone Deep Cleanser
This is my favourite cleanser ever and I go through them really quickly because I always wash my face morning and night. It has got the perfect amount of particles for everyday scrub and it leaves you with a soft feeling skin. It cleanses the face really well and gets rid of make-up and the cotton pad I use afterwards with the toner proves it. I would repurchase that but lately its price has gone up to 7€ in comparison to the 4€ mark that it used to be. I even checked at the duty free section of the airport and it was 7.20€! I believe this is too expensive for a product that I use twice a day and repurchase every three weeks, probably two now that my boyfriend uses it every day as well.
7. Johnson’s Face Care Oil Balancing Gel Wash
I’ve been trying to find a descent replacement to the L’oreal wash above but this was not one of them! It is a nice gel wash that makes your skin feel reaaaally soft afterwards, however it doesn’t cleanse your face properly! It seems like it’s cleansing the surface and when you try a toner after it all the foundation is on the cotton pad! It’s really cheap though and I tend to repurchase it because it’s usually on an offer and my bf likes it!
8. Avene Cold Cream Hand Cream
This is my all-time favourite hand cream. I’ve been repurchasing it for about 5 years and now that they’ve changed the formula I’ve stocked up loads of the previous ones because I hate the new one! Please, if any Avene person reads this, bring the old formula back! It is a real saviour, especially for the cold months, it works wonders on severely chapped hands and it’s no greasy at all!What else can you ask for from a hand cream? I’ve tried loads but nothing compares to this one! Also, as you can see for yourselves, I cherish every single scoop of this that's why I've cut the tube in half! Do you do that as well or is it just me?

A lot of cleansing there, wasn’t it? Well, these are the ones I go through really easily! Hope you enjoyed it!
Georgina x x x


  1. Εμένα πάλι που τα πετάει η μητέρα μου γι'αυτό και δεν έχω κάνει ακόμα κάποιο παρόμοιο ποστ!!
    Το προϊόν της Apivita το έχω και εγώ και θα συμφωνήσω μαζί σου.. Δεν μου άρεσε καθόλου..

    1. Se oles kapoios prepei na ta petaei dld? Ma ti tous pianei?!

  2. έχω κάνει και εγώ τέτειο ποστ,αλλά πλεον,επειδή δε μπορώ να φυλάω τις άδεις συσκευασίες,τα βγάζω φώτο τα πετάω,και όταν μαζέψω πεντε έξι κάνω ένα ποστ!απλά τα 'εχω σε ξεχωριστές φωτογραφίες!!!

    1. Ithela na ta exw ola mazi gia na exw mia kali fwto! Twra pleon exei enimerwthei o filos mou k exw k ena eidiko kouti pou mpainei katw apo to krevati pou dn to peirazei! Elpizw na mi mou parei toso kairo mexri to epomeno!