Thursday, 10 January 2013

MUA Lip Spree

It was like a month ago or so that MUA reached 35k likes on facebook and launched a 35% discount. To be honest, I couldn’t recall having heard of that brand before but with those prices who can resist? After placing the order I was organizing my nail polishes to come across a beautiful red with MUA written on it! So I had used that brand before (oh those good times in the UK that I could find a 1£ nail varnish at the drugstore) and I was very satisfied with it. That definitely filled me with excitement while waiting for Mr Postman!

Along with the palettes, which I’m sure each one of you have heard about and you can read my opinion of here, I decided to try their lip stuff. I chose two very different lipsticks, a nude (shade 14) and a fairly sparkly red (shade 14), as well as a plumping lip gloss (in the shade buff).

The lipsticks are very creamy and pigmented and I find them very moisturising for my winter chapped lips. The nude colour is not very pigmented and I did not like the shade very much, because it makes me look even paler and dead-like, but the red is one of the best reds out there and it instantly replaced another red my favourite lipstick stand! You can see for yourselves! By applying a stain or a lip pencil underneath it can last for hours. It goes on so smoothly on the lips, it’s very moisturising and it has a very subtle sparkle that I love!

Now for the ‘out there’ lip gloss I’m very indecisive. First things first, never make the mistake to apply it on dry or chapped lips. You will be in pain for at least 40 seconds! This lip gloss is supposed to pout your lips and create a different effect. It doesn’t last of course, but for about 5 minutes you can see that your lips are a little bit juicier. For me, that is because my lips go numb and the ingredients that it contains are a bit minty or cinnamony so it creates the illusion of a plumping effect. When the tingling effect (or the pain on my side) wears off, your lips get back to normal. As far as the shade is concerned, I was rather disappointed. On the website and from the tube you get the impression that it is a fairly nude colour. On the lips there is no colour pay off, I would describe it as a rather transparent lip gloss that only leaves shine on your lips. I’m not generally a lip gloss girl but I would definitely not recommend this to anyone, even though its price is really appealing; only £2 on

I’m sure you’ve tried some of the lipsticks, so which one is your favourite shade?

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  1. I love MUA lipsticks! They are such good value for money! I love Shade 1! xxx

  2. Δε δοκίμασα τα lipsticks αλλά αγόρασα κι εγώ με το 35 % αρκετά πράγματα, όπως παλέτες σκιών (με τις οποίες έμεινα αρκετά ευχαριστημένη), μανό (πολύ ωραία) και make up και ρουζ(απόλυτα απογοητευτικά και τα 2). Στο 50% θα δοκιμάσω τα κραγιόν λοιπόν. :)

    1. Ki egw to perimenw pws k pws to 50%! Elpizw auti ti forana valoun ta pinela stn prosfora gt ta thelwwww!