Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The battle of Avon Mascaras

I’m all into mascaras lately it appears! Well, the thing is that I literally have got to go on project pan with them because I buy them one after the other and they never run out but just dry out and I feel so miserable afterwards! I’ve actually bought the Smoky Lash by MUFE and haven’t even opened the tube yet because it says that it expires after 6 months! Sooo I’ve been doing some shopping off the Avon brochure and here there are; three mascaras.

Avon mascaras are fairly cheap. One is from their colourtrend range, which is the most affordable one, and it’s called ‘comb it’, the red one is called ‘little red dress’, which I think is such a cute name for a mascara, and the black one is called ‘super extend’. I have to say I was thrilled with their prices. I don’t normally pick stuff from brochures just because I want to see the product before I buy it and since it’s make-up I don’t think you can return it. However my boyfriend’s mum is an Avon seller so she just tempted me with all the brochures being here and there every time we visited. The ‘comb it’ just cost me €2 and the other two were around the 7€ mark.

Let’s start from the one I didn’t like and that would be the one in the black tube, ‘super extend’. Like the name recommends, it’s supposed to extend your lashes. Well, it doesn’t. The wand looks really nice and sleek but there’s no effect on my lashes. I just use it to comb my lashes when there’s too much product on from another mascara and it pretty much does the job. But there’s no way I would use it on its own.

The ‘little red dress’ is pretty much the same. This one has an even smaller wand and it promises you volume and an intense look. I actually thought that it would be really nice for the lower lashes since I can’t work with the huge wands as it gets all smudgy and messy. It is really good for separating the lashes before you apply a real mascara or the lower lashes as I already said. Otherwise, it’s pretty much a waste of money.

The cheapest one did prove to be the best though! They have discontinued it for now but I asked and my boyfriend’s mum said that they do it now and then just for some months and then they put the products back in stock. I was actually relieved just because I loved it so much that I wanted to stock up. A 2€ mascara that you really like? That’s a total bargain! So, this little treasure actually combs the lashes while giving you volume and length. It separates the lashes so wonderfully and the result is subtle and perfect for everyday looks. Check for your own!
Have you bought any Avon mascaras yourself? What do you think of them?


  1. i have the colour trend,i bought it about 1,5 euros but is one of the best mascaras i have ever tried!!!

    1. I know, isn't it? Why did they discontinue this mascara?