Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A weird eyelash tool

I haven’t tried a lot of lash curlers and the one I’ve got is ancient! I bought it ages ago from Body Shop and I didn’t feel the need to use it before I was properly into make-up. I didn’t even know how to and I used to curl my lashes whenever I came across it in my make-up bag and always after applying mascara. A crime, I know, but thanks to all of you I’ve made progress!

I thought it would be nice to try a new one, now that I’m a proper blogger and I’m generally trying out make-up products and tools, and as I was browsing through Avon’s brochure at my boyfriend mother’s house I stumbled upon this one.      Picking stuff off a brochure can be a very tricky business just because you never know what to expect and a thrill at the same time when you open the box to explore everything when that arrives. I think I’ve once seen a plastic lash curler on a blog or a youtube video and decided that it would be nice to have a try.

However, this thingy was apparently NOT an eyelash curler. I regret not reading the description for this on the brochure but doesn’t it look like one to you too? (Please say it does!) Usually when you curl your lashes you squeeze the tool and you get something like a spring effect. This one felt nothing like it which made me refer back to the brochure! This is supposed to be a tool that lengthens and adds volume to your lashes without having to put mascara on. OMG what a waste of money that was! Obviously it doesn’t have any kind of effect apart from hurting your eyes a good deal! It didn’t lengthen or add volume to my lashes and I so much regret the 8 euros (oh yeah) I spent on it. I tried to return it but of course it’s Avon we’re talking about, so I had to stick with it.

This purchase taught me one thing at least; never shop off a brochure again if no one that I know has purchased the item so that I can see/feel it in advance or at least read a review about it before indulging into the purchase!


  1. γεια σου φιλη μου...σε ευχαριστουμε για την κριτικη που κανεις στα προιοντα που δοκιμαζεις γιατι μας κατατοπιζεις για το που να κινουμαστε και τι να αποφευγουμε ωστε αν μη ξοδευουμε ασκοπα τα λεφτα μας. αλλα γιατι δε το επεστρεψες? ολα τα προιοντα της αβον γινεται να τα επιστρεψεις! Εγω εχω επιστρεψει αρκετες φορες αν κατι δε μ αρεσει...εχεις περιθοριο περιπυ 1,5 μηνα... (2 καμπανιες..)

    1. Γεια σου! Χαιρομαι πολυ που σου αρεσε! Οσον αφορα το γιατι δεν το επεστρεψα ειχα ζητησει να το κανω αλλα μου ειπε η μαμα του φιλου μου μεσω της οποιας τα πηρα οτι δε δεχονται.. Ευχαριστω ομως για ην ενημερωση, να κανω update και στο post! Απλα εγω δυστυχως αυτη την πληροφορηση ειχα :(