Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year everybody!2012 is over and we are welcoming 2013 along with all the surprises and new experiences that it has to offer! Plus the trouble that we have every single year to get used to writing 2013 instead of 2012 when we are writing the date somewhere! Please tell me you get that too!

Fist post for 2013 and I decided to bore you with a little bit of rambling! Instead of doing a 2012 beauty favourites, since I am pretty new to blogging and not really in a position to pick out really amazing products, I thought that this post would be more of like situations that I had to cope with through 2012 and that I’ve learnt to overcome and continue to in 2013.

On top of my list of my new year’s resolutions is ‘stress less’! In the country that I live in it seems inevitable to stress with the economic crisis upon us and the unknown situation that we might dive in from day to day. It is very stressful to feel that anything you have today you might not be able to afford tomorrow. I am one of the lucky ones that have a job and again it’s really stressful to think that tomorrow you might be unemployed, even though you have done everything that you could to please your boss. This is my first ‘real job’ and it requires a lot of hours at the office, I have to learn something new every day due to all the innovative stuff launched and it requires a good amount of travelling. Although I seem to manage well, during 2012 I started getting more and more anxious with the peak being in September, which is the busiest and most stressful month for the company I work for. My body started reacting to that by getting spots allover my face, feeling down and tired all the time and finally hair loss. It was when I realised that I had to slow down a bit. Before that I thought that stress is definitely something bad for you but it never occurred to me that you might get kind of obvious symptoms; and to be honest I never really related anything happening to my body to that. After visiting a couple of doctors for the hair loss and the blood sample results and of course got a very strong  medication for both I started to connect the dots! After that experience I had to realise the hard way that I need to make a step back and start thinking of my job as a very pleasing activity, because if it’s not clear I am simply in love with what I do and really grateful that I get a chance to be creative every day and people acknowledge my work. So there you have it, stress less!

Next one, and quite related to the above, is to ‘take care of myself more’. This includes all of the staple and cliché ones like working out in a regular basis, taking skincare seriously, removing my make up before I go to bed or fall asleep in the couch and wake up at 4 in the morning, freezing, to go snuggle up with my bf at bed and be more organised! The working out one is a must firstly because I have already paid for a 6 month subscription to the gym and I have to get something out of it! Secondly, everybody is telling me that it relieves you from stress so I need to stick to it. And lastly because I need to maintain my weight just because I have finally reached the point where I love my body (after years and years of dieting and gaining the weight back) and there is no going back,period! Skincare goes along with being very consistent with my hair loss medication which I haven’t during 2012! I believe that each one of you puts the organisation related goal in your list just like me but this year I will stick to it! Since I'm travelling a lot I need to make sure that everything is in place and the only way to do it without getting stressed is making lists! I have already downloaded a bunch of note and list apps on my ipad plus I have managed to figure out how they work. So yes, I’m determined!
I don’t think I feel verystrongly about anything else in my life to include it here (I would throw inclean my house in a regular basis but this has never happened so I’m not evenbothering)! Just that 2013 will be a less stressful and a more fulfilling ourdreams kind of year!

Since this wasn’t a beauty related post and maybe pretty boring for most of you, would you like me to do a haircare routine now that I’ve confessed that I’m going through a very bad period with my hair?

I would also love to hearyour top new year resolutions if you care to share it with me because I can always get new ideas and make the most of the year ahead!

P.S. Thank you so much for reading this extension-of-my-mind post and if you want to make me extra happydon’t forget to vote for BeautyFullAddict as the best beauty blog of 2012 here!I will so much appreciate it! x x x


  1. Great post, I get the same with stress it brings to make me really poorly, at the moment I'm having serious skin issues and suffering from the flu. I also need to slow down! Xx

  2. καλή χρονιά να έχουμε με υγεία! τι ωραίο blog που έχεις! θα χαρώ πολύ αν θελήσεις να γίνεις μέλος στο blog μου!

    1. Kali xronia omorfi! Exw idi perasei ti volta mou apo to blog sou! Dystyxwsde gnwristikame sti synantisi, next time! x x