Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday's Beauty Tip

This Sunday we’ll talk hair. Isn’t it nice to feel like your hair has been treated from a saloon once in a while? And isn’t it better if you do it at home and save the money?
I truly believe that our hair goes through a lot everyday. Except for the damage from the air pollution and the environment in general, we ourselves put them through a lot in order to look gorgeous! We blow dry it nearly everyday, use high heat tools like curling tongs or straighteners, style it with products which are usually prone to damage it and some of us colour it really frequently. Don’t you think it needs a good pampering session once in a while? That’s what Sundays are here for!

I have personally stopped dying my hair just because I was tired of the whole fuss and had literally no money to spend on a saloon. So I dyed it very close to my natural colour to get a very slight root difference as they would be growing and hadn’t bothered ever since! Also, I don’t wash my hair everyday and try to blow dry it as less as I can and definitely don’t use any curling irons, I don’t even own one (it being in my Christmas list doesn’t have to be mentioned!). However, I always enjoy the feeling when your hair is dry and you run your fingers through it and it’s softer than a baby!

I’ve recently found out about about *Lierac’s Huile Sensorielle aux 3 Fleurs in English Sensory Oil with 3 White Flowers and it’s started growing on me! The first time I tried it, as no instructions were provided, I thought I’d use it as a random hair oil, after washing and before blow drying my hair. The result? Greasy hair from the roots and downwards (I didn’t apply any to the roots) and a second wash within the same day! I couldn’t reach a verdict and leave it in my drawer though, just because it smells so good and it looked so miserable lingering there on its own! Next time I tried it it was 3 hours before I’d wash my hair. I applied it on my hair, tucked it up in a nice bun, put a shower cap on and waited. After my hair was washed and dry it looked rejuvenated and felt so amazingly soft. This oil is a multi-purpose one but due to my oily skin I avoid using it anywhere else other than my hair. It smells divine, exactly like the combination of flower oils that it contains: Gardenia, Jasmine and Camellia, which are also anti-oxidant and relaxing. It also contains hazelnut, almond, grapeseed and argan oils which nourish and deeply moisturize your hair. I would strongly advise you to go through this fuss once I week because it’s definitely worth it! Your hair will be glowy and soft for the whole week!
And that's the result on my BeautyFull hair ;)

As always, for the Sunday’s Beauty Tip to fulfill its purpose the comment box below is open to any suggestions and blog posts of your own for other alternatives on how to achieve wonderfully moisturised hair that will delay our next appointment to the saloon!

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  1. Και ότι σκέφτομαι να το δοκιμάσω.. Πολύ ωραίο φαίνεται!!

    1. Ειναι οντως πολυ καλο αρκει να το χρησιμοποιησεις σωστα και να μην την πατησεις οπως εγω! ¨)