Thursday, 6 December 2012

November Non Beauty Favourites 2012

I wanted to mention some other stuff that I loved in November and since they had nothing to do with beauty I did a Non Beauty Favourites! Enjoy!

Twilight Woods Candle by Bath & Body Works
As Bath & Body Works products are available in Greece only via ebay with ridiculous shipping I have been very cautious of how I’m going to burn them. As slowly as I can and one at a time! I chose my least favourite to be the first but it’s proven to be very nice indeed! It’s rather flowery but I can smell some vanilla in there; very nice and relaxing scent. Unfortunately, I was browsing at their website and I believe they’ve discontinued it. L

Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea by Celestial Seasonings
I’ve never tasted Celestial Seasonings tea before but my cousin who lives in Athens can find them in her local supermarket. While I was staying with her she made me one of these and I was thrilled. She was kind enough to buy me 3 boxes to take home as I was swearing that they were nowhere to be found in our supermarkets. It smells exactly like cinnamon and apple, not like the Lipton one that we get here. Any cinnamon lovers that want to taste it you can order it online from iherb.

Cinnamon Nutella Muffins 
I saw Sammi aka BeautyCrush making these delicious muffins at first. As I am a huge fun of baking I made them myself and everybody loved them. They are so easy and delicious that everybody is asking me to bake some every single weekend! Even my mum asked me to send her some when my brother visited me (my mum lives 300km away, that’s why it’s worth mentioning!). Then I discovered the blog that the recipe originated from and stumbled upon an enormous amount of recipes that I can’t wait to try! Check it out because I’m sure you’ll find one that you’ll love. And even if you don’t, your mouth will be watering from the wonderful pictures!

The credits go to Mara who mentioned it in one of her videos. I didn’t know they sell it at Hondos Centre but I grabbed one as soon as I saw them! It’s perfect for me. I used to buy mineral water bottles for the office because tap water is disgusting here but that’s so inconvenient. This little invention saved me. You can carry it around and it makes water taste good wherever you fill it in from. *Hall of shame* I’ve even filled it in from the gym’s bathroom tap and I felt safe! Too much information probably?! I’m just pointing out how wonderful it is!

Untold Story by Monica Ali 
I’ve started reading thisbook during summer. And then all the winter shows and series started and I didn’t have time for it. But last month I fell back in love with it and I can’t have enough. It’s a very nicely written book with an interesting story. It takes the story of Princess Diana before the accident in Paris and we find her living in a different country, the accident never happened and she has actually faked her death. I won’t say more because I can’t figure out the boundaries between giving some general info about a book and spoiler alert so you can just read the back cover and get the idea. I’m very close to the end now and I’ve been fascinated.

Cinnamon Cookies by Papadopoulou
I've loved a couple of cinnamony stuff the previous month, haven't I? These remind me of my childhood! They are such a delicious snack that I find myself with weird symptoms due to lack of those! Plus, I can never open a brand new box openly in the office and last me the whole day; everybody is onto me!

Can you please suggest a good book for me because I’m currently looking for one for the upcoming Christmas period when I’ll have much more free time!

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