Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My Body Shop Experience

OMG this is gonna be so Christmasy! I haven’t posted anything about this event I was invited to (I just like the sound of it, I feel like such a celebrity!), needless to say my first ever event, just because I didn’t have enough photos and you wouldn’t get the idea. However, those of you whoo follow me on Twitter have definitely seen some preview! The Body Shop had a pre-Christmas event in November and it seemed like the whole town gathered up!

First things first, I haven’t been to Body Shop in absolute ages and I was thrilled at how many new stuff they’ve launched and how rejuvenated everything was. I find it quite expensive so my visits there are limited to probably twice a year. Also, I find the fact that they never go on sale very annoying because every time I check the UK or the US online stores they have like 50% off offers. I can’t say that after the event my perspective on their policy changed but everything was so pretty and cute that I fell back in love with it! 

Due to the holidays everything is in gift sets and they were so many amazing stocking fillers!
As you can see from the photos the shop was packed with people! They had a cute stand with cupcakes inspired by their Christmas collection. The pink ones for the Cranberry line and the cream ones for the Vanilla Bliss one. The staff was very polite and welcoming although they were dealing with so many customers and they were even doing free make up during the event!
Since we couldn’t get any proper photos then, Mrs Kaldi was so kind to invite us to a private presentation of the products and let us take our pics as well as smell and play around with everything! To be honest I didn’t like the Cranberry or the Gingerbread range. I thought I’d love the latter but it was too spicy for my taste. The Vanilla Bliss though smells absolutely divine! Each scent comes in body butters, body lotions, shower gels, bath salts, hand lotions/creams, soaps, room and body spritzes, lip balms and even fragrance oils and diffusers. I particularly adored the little tree ornaments on which you can pour some of the oils and make the whole room smell like it! They are limited edition so go get your hands on them!
The makeup range was upgraded to Christmacy as well and it’s called Winter Trend! They have launched two new palettes perfect for your holiday spirit inspired make up with amazing shades plus you get a free mascara and 2 of their best eye makeup brushes when you buy any of the two. Also, new additions are some lipsticks, shimmer pearls and kohl eyeliners. I was thrilled by the spraying glitter packaged in a perfume bottle, I found it an amazing idea for a gift. Too bad I hate glitter! I did get a free makeup myself to test the staying power of the eyeshadows and I was surprised in a very good way. Great quality, really pigmented and they lasted me all day!

I would also like to mention the competition that is currently going on on their facebook page. They’ve named it ‘Make Up Party Look’ and all you have to do is create a look using three of the Winter Trend line products and email it to with a full list of what you used.  There will be two winners who will get 100€ to spend at The Body Shop stores! Pretty amazing huh? 

Of course I did buy some stuff, they gave us a 20% discount on that day, but this post is too long already so I’m gonna leave the haul for another one. I want to thank The Body Shop staff and Mrs Kaldi for bringing us the Christmas spirit early this year and being so kind to have us at their shops, giving us the opportunity to try every single thing on our own time!

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