Wednesday, 5 December 2012

November Beauty Favourites 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful month! I’m obviously super excited for December just because it’s the Christmas month! Let’s dig into what I’ve been loving the previous month!
Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 002 Pink Blossom by Rimmel
This powder has worked wonders for me. It mattyfies my face without making it look cakey at all and it stays on all day. I imagine myself repurchasing it over and over again in the future! You can read a full review about it here

Shea Body Butter by The Body Shop
It’s well known within the beauty community that The Body Shop body butters are awesome. This one in particular is my personal favourite so far. I used to go for cocoa butter but the smell is so overwhelming that the perfume never smells good over it. It’s a bit pricey, 15€ for 200ml, but it always lasts me for a year, literally. I only use it during the colder months though, because it’s very thick and moisturising which you can kind of feel melting on your skin during summer!

Porefessional by Benefit
Did I tell you I have a fairy godmother in the office? Well, I have been eyeing this primer for over six months now. At some point I decided that 32€ is too much for my make up budget so I started looking for alternatives. After a random chat in the office about my blog and make up products in general, a colleague of mine mentioned that she has a lot of high end products that she has purchased and never use and, wait for it, they are half full! I suggested her looking through her beauty bags at home and making a little donation to the poor blogger, and so she did. Among other amazing stuff there was porefessional, not only half full but maybe a couple of mls missing from the tube. She confessed that she has only used it twice! It almost brought tears to my eyes! After making sure that she won’t ask me to give it back at any point it gained a spot in my vanity and my everyday routine. For me, it is the best primer to instantly hide pores and leave your face feeling smooth and velvety and there’s no cheaper dupe to it. End of story!

Nail Varnish Plus Quartz in 076 by Flormar
Flormar is a brand that I discovered very recently and I’ve been raving about their nail polishes since! I was impressed by the quality as it’s only 2.5€. It’s very opaque upon the first application and doesn’t chip very quickly. This particular colour, which you can see here, is the one I fell in love with this month because I have associated it with autumn!

Be Beautiful Blemish Balm in Light by Sleek
I don’t like wearing foundation every day to work so I’ve been trying new BB creams since the concept became well known to European customers and every brand started launching their own BB creams. The Sleek one has definitely taken over my daily make up routine because it’s the only European one I’ve found that is similar to the Korean ones and it’s got SPF 15 which is all you need for winter. Review and swatches are waiting for you here.

Eyeshadow Palette in Heaven and Earth by MUA
I purchased this palette in November along with another palette from MUA but this was a winner. Most of the colours are very pigmented and you can create various looks in natural tones which is perfect for going to work. It’s also a value for money product as it only costs £4.

1000 Kisses Lip Tint and Balm in Timeless Tango by Rimmel
Talking about this stain is not enough, you have to experience it! This stain has taken me aback, the pigmentation and staying power are awesome, this particular shade (which you can see here) is perfect for autumn/winter and I this is all I can ask for from a £6 product.

Automatic Fine Eye Liner in Black by W7
To be honest, I meant to post the review for this liner before this post but I’ve been working like crazy during the weekend so here we are! This is a great liner with a super fine tip that really helps us amateurs during those shaky hands mornings! I’ve been using this one every single day to practice and achieve that perfect flick at some point!

Studio Matte Lip Colour in Tea Rose by ELF
I love matte lipsticks. I generally hate shimmer anywhere on my face and that’s why I rarely use highlighters. That’s why this month I’ve been loving this lipstick. It’s pretty drying to my lips but I love the colour and the pigmentation, so with a touch of balm it’s gorgeous! For review and swatches check here.

Studio Powder Brush by ELF
I haven’t mentioned this brush before but it’s lovely! It’s suitable for applying both foundation and powder but since I use BB creams in a daily basis I like to apply it with my fingers. I use it for powder, as the name indicates, and it being flat helps a lot, just because you can pat the powder on your face instead of swirling the brush around ruining your foundation. 


  1. Ωραία αγαπημένα!! :)

  2. ποσο τυχερη φανηκες με το Porefessional!!! σε ζηλευω γιατι ουτε κι εγω θα εδινα τοσα λεφτα. rimmel απο που αγοραζεις? με ενδιαφερει.

    1. Kala oute egw to pisteua otan anoiksa ti sakoula! Kai exw dokimasei ki alla paromoia akomi kai apo mac kai san auto den einai! Rimmel pairnw apo diafora site. Auto pou exei ta panta einai to Tin teleutaia paraggelia tin ekana apo Alla exoun kai ta kai Elpizw na se voithisa!