Thursday, 20 December 2012

Purple Mascara?

There was an offer recently going on at Sephora with 35% on mascaras. I was quite disappointed that the offer didn’t include the drugstrore mascaras as well but I could buy a high end at the price of a drugstore one. Not bad right?

Browsing through the counters I found out that Sephora as a brand has launched a huge variety of mascaras. I decided to go for something different and picked up a purple one. The colour looks really scary looking at it on the wand but trust me you can’t really tell when applied on your eyelashes.
The wand is big enough and promises you an extreme effect. It’s called Full Action and it’s supposed to volumise, lengthen, curve, separate, strengthen, protect and nourish your lashes. Quite a statement right? 

What troubles me with this mascara is that I need to apply two or even three coats to get the desired effect. I never apply more than one coats just because I find that my lashes get clumpy after the second application and every mascara pretty much gets there with just one. This one looks very subtle at first; with the second coat it starts showing and at the third attempt the colour shows but you end up with clumpy eyelashes which you can’t separate. And there goes the separates and lengthens statement! As for the protection and nourishment I can’t really understand how a mascara can do that job as it’s widely known that mascaras wear off the lashes!

Overall, it’s a mascara I wouldn’t bother to purchase again, no matter that it costs 15€, just because it didn’t work for me. I want a very natural effect and I hate it when my lashes stick together. The colour looks gorgeous with a subtle brown smokey eye and it really suits chocolaty hair. Let’s say that next time I’ll try another brand’s purple!
Have you ever tried a purple mascara? Any recommendations for my next purchase?


  1. Χρόνια πολλά! :) Eνδιαφέρουσα επιλογή χρώματος! Έγω είχα παλιότερα μία μπλε μάσκαρα της Oriflame που δεν μου άρεσε ιδιαίτερα γιατί έχω πρασινο-μπλε μάτια και ήταν too much! Πάντως δεν φαίνεται έντονα το μωβ στην φωτογραφία σου πιο πολύ προς το μαύρο τείνει!

    1. Nai de fainetai toso an k sto vourtsaki einai ligo tromaktiko to xrwma! Auti nomizw tha sou igainei kalytera apo to mple! Kali xronia k se sena!