Tuesday, 3 December 2013

November Favourites 2013

And we’ve come to this time of the month again when everyone is raving about their favourite products of the month. Personally, I’m longing for this time every month because they are my favourite youtube videos to watch and blog posts to read because I always find treasures that instantly go on my wishlist. This has been an almost makeup free month for me because of some breakouts I was dealing with and the fact that my skin was dried up due to acne medication and caused eczema on my eyelids. So, it’s mainly skincare but I include some products that I used when I indeed put makeup on. And there you go, my Favourite Beauty Products for November 2013 (and Christmas is round the corner yayyyyyy!).

These two were my saviours. I used coconut oil as a face mask blended with honey all over my face 3 times a week and it worked wonders for my dried up skin. It didn’t break me out just helped with the redness and heal the upper layer of my face. I applied almond oil on my eyelids and it really helped to get rid of the eczema. It is also very beneficial if you want to make your lashes thicken up and get hydrated. Only downside with that is that you can’t use it in daytime because since it gets so close to your eyeballs and the fact that it is oil, it ends up blurring your vision. That is not harmful for your eyes though, unless you wear contacts, which I don’t so can’t have an opinion about that.
This was the only eye cream I used this month and unfortunately it’s not available in Greece. I had originally purchased it from Chemist Direct but the shipping is a bit pricey so now I have stocked up by asking a friend to bring me some from Boots. It is a very gentle eye cream which moisturises the skin (the eczema we were talking about earlier? that helps a lot) and helps with puffiness. It is not a product to use for fine lines or dark circles but if you need a moisture injection that’s the stuff!
This was the SOS product when I broke out all over my face and realized I needed to stop stripping it from its natural oils, stop the medication and start moisturising. I only had samples of that but the full size product is on its way. It is a balmy texture which when you apply you might feel that it makes your skin oily, especially if you have combination skin like I do, but after half and hour it feels velvety. I used it mostly at night and woke up with no oil residue on my face. It totally brought my skin back and made it plumpfull again.
I found this cleansing oil on ‘buy one get one free’ offer and since I’ve never been disappointed with their skincare I decided to go for it. I like this product a lot. You are supposed to massage it into your skin first, then wet your hands and go in again and it foams up like soap. It melts the makeup right away and if your skin is not oily I think you can get away with some toner afterwards and be ready for bed. I cleanse my skin with a cleanser afterwards as well just because I feel that it leaves a residue.

Liposan Natural Volume
As far as I know, cold weather and chapped lips go hand in hand right? This one is my pick for this month because it moisturises but leaves a glossy finish as well. It also makes your lips appear a little more plumpful! It has been well loved this month!

Mac Studio Fix Powder
I love this product! I think it was my first Mac purchase and I will not stop repurchasing it. Back when my skin was flawless I used to use that one everyday instead of foundation. That’s what I did this month as well because I didn’t want to suffocate my skin with a lot of products. It gives great coverage and mattifies for hours and if you are one of the lucky ones with a great complexion I think that with a bit of concealer would suffice for everyday makeup.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash Mascara Waterproof
In terms of mascara that’s one that I’ve rediscovered this month and used constantly. Because of the fact that it’s waterproof it holds the curl amazingly and really volumises and lengthens my lashes. This one with some eyeliner on the tightline make your eyes to really stand out (read a full review here).

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey
Everyone has jumped on the Chubby Stick wagon and in my opinion Revlon’s formula is even better than Clinique’s and not at all overpriced (at least outside of Greece because here they cost 14€ in comparison to 6.48$). It moisturises, stains your lips and is a staple for your everyday bag, especially this shade which is the perfect nude when you barely put any makeup on.

I also want to pop in two random favourites:
Celestial Seasonings tea range
November was the revelation month for me because I finally found a shop that stocked Celestial Seasonings! This is definitely my favourite brand and my favourite flavours are Chai tea when I'm at work and Sleepytime before bed!

Pumpkin Butter
I've also found out how to make pumpkin butter this month! You can use it for loads of recipes and can even use on bread as a spread! I've also done a baking post using pumpkin butter as well as giving you instructions on how to make your own (you can read it here)!

The fact that November is over makes me kind of sad because I can’t believe that next time I do a favourites post 2013 will be old news. However, I’d got into the Christmas spirit so no time for soppiness!   

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  1. Nice favourites and nice pics! I remember using the Mac Studio Fix powder many many years ago when I first started using Mac products, I think I need to repurchase it in the future, maybe for spring/summer.

    1. Thank you! I seem to always go back to it to be honest!