Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmassy Home Bits [Picture Heavy]

Today I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of my home and share with you my Christmas decorations and how I transformed my house to look festive. Since it's the time for decorating I thought you might get some ideas. You didn’t think I’d leave you without a Christmassy post, did you? I really like the way it turned out but I would like to add some more, however I don’t think my fiancée is as enthusiastic as I am about the festive season so probably I’m not!

Our living room is where the Christmas tree was set up and it is the one with the most decorations, since spend most of our time there. On the Christmas tree, apart from the standard bobbles, I’ve added a couple of different ones. My favourites are the ones I got from one of my trips to London which have our names on them. Mike’s is a snowball snowman and mine is a wrapped up snowman which says “Merry Christmas” along with my name. I also love my little gingerbread x-mas tree ornament; isn’t it adorable?

On our coffee table I’ve replaced our normal dish with a tree shaped one. I’ve filled it with a potpourri mixture of cinnamon sticks, red pinecones and little gold spiky balls. I also have two Bath & Body Works candles laying there, Lavender Vanilla, which is one of the most relaxing scents ever, and an empty jar of Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin in which I’ve put a mini Marshmallow candle because I think it’s very practical to put it out with the lid instead of blowing it and getting that smell that ruins the wonderful candle smell.

On our TV bench I have opted for little ornaments; a Santa Claus snow ball and some New Year charms that I’ve collected over the years along with a silver pomegranate that my mum had given to me last year.  I’ve also placed a wooden ball with fake berries and pinecones wrapped on it in front of the TV and replaced the potpourri in our bowl for a red and green leaves one which, to me, looks more Christmassy. Above our TV set, we have two shelves where I display photos, candles and souvenirs from my trips and there I’ve added a snowman candle holder. 
On the bookcase that’s attached to the TV set I’ve put a gingerbread man ornament and a Santa Claus boot tealight holder. On the other side of the TV bench which is next to the fireplace I’ve put our little dancing Santa Claus!

The fireplace corner is my favourite! It’s the place where I always snuggle up with my blanket on our IKEA armchair and read books or kill time on my ipad (don’t try to be intellectual, that’s what you always do!).  On the armachair I’ve placed a cute little red cushion with a reindeer on it along with our regular checked cushion.  
Next to the armchair we’ve placed our round side table which is not very practical, since it is in front of our balcony door, but it normally goes where the Christmas tree now is! On that I’ve put a gold tray with three honey scented candles (I think it goes with the yellow/gold colour theme) and of course red pinecones and gold wooden balls iced with fake snowflakes. Now above the fireplace, we’ve hang our stockings of course, mine is the Union Jack one which I’d got from Poundland back in the day and Mike’s is the red one. At the time I was burning a Kitchen Spice Yankee Candle tart which smells like a blend of oranges, cloves, cardamon, nutmeg and cinnamon. I was also drinking some tea in my present mug which I always leave in front of the fireplace when I’m sitting there. Aaaand we’d roasted some chestnuts the previous night and had them lingering there (it kind of matches the theme doesn’t it?). We’ve also got a set of built in shelves next to the fireplace which I’ve decorated with childhood photos (there you can see me when I was 7!) and on one of them I’ve placed a present tealight holder and 2 wooden snowflake balls. 

Now in my guest/makeup room I haven’t made any major changes, just some bits here and there to make it look more festive. On our daybed I’ve added two mini Santa Claus pillows as well as on our desk chair. On our dresser I’ve placed a mini gold Christmas tree which I think is adorable, and an off white little bell. Also, I’ve decorated my set of makeup drawers with colourful Christmas tree shaped fairy lights.  

This is all I’ve done to my place to get the Christmas spirit! Do you like it? Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

Georgina x x x


  1. Entaksei, ola teleia klp, alla oti exoume tin idia gonitsa me ta idia vivlia? vl. lindsey kelk, sophie kinsella etc?? Teleiooo :D

    1. Ax sovara? Ma toso idio gousto sta vivlia? E, kai sta kallyntika edw pou ta leme! :)