Monday, 23 December 2013

Bodycare Empties

I told you I had so many empties forming a pile in my bedroom! I really wanted to squeeze them in one post but obviously that would be impossible! Shower gels, body butters and a deodorant for this week’s empties!

Aslanis Women Ansa Pervin Shower Gel Limited Edition
Although this one is labeled as limited edition I really don’t think it is since I bought it like 2 years ago and I’ve recently spotted it at some drugstores or big supermarkets. I purchased that only because it was on offer and had a men’s scent along with this one. The scent is nothing special, the shower gel itself just fulfills the purpose of cleansing your body and overall it’s not a product I would recommend to anyone.
Le Petit Marsellais Orange Flower Moisturising Shower Cream  
I am going through the phase that I am hooked on this brand. Literally none of their products have disappointed me. This shower cream is extra moisturizing. For me the scent is a morning one during the fall months because it smells of oranges that I find very energizing. However, during summer I used to use it no matter what time it was! I really love the formula and I have already repurchased 3 more! On the plus side you can usually find them on offer buy one get one free and they come in many scents that are amazing!
Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion
I used to use this one non-stop during summer first of all because the cocoa butter scent is one of my favourites. In this one the scent is not as rich as in a body butter which makes it ideal. The formula is not that thick either with makes it very easy to absorb and it moisturises your skin for hours. The smell lingers for hours as well and it pairs really well with your bronzed skin during the summer months since it has some kind of radiance particles in it that make your skin look glowy and prolongs your tan. This is definitely in my shopping list for next summer!
The Body Shop Shea Body Butter
Well, I don’t think any introductions are needed. All of us have tried a body butter from The Body Shop at least once in our lives. This is my personal favourite scent along with the Brazil Nut one that they have brought back in their permanent collection at last! The formula is wonderful, very creamy and moisturizing. The only downside with these is that I find they are only suitable for the colder months because they formula is pretty thick and it doesn’t get absorbed really quickly.
Neutro Roberts Deodorant in Powder Fresh
This is my all time favourite deodorant and I’ve been using it for almost 10 years now. I love the scent and it will really be by your side throughout the day wherever you go, even if that is at the gym! That’s everything you can ask for from a deodorant, isn’t it?
Have you tried any of them? If you have, please share your opinion in the comments down below!

P.S. Stay tuned because I’ve kept the best part for last; next week come the Make-Up & Nails Empties!

Georgina  x x x


  1. Τα body butters από The Body Shop τα λατρεύω!!

    1. Einai ena ki ena ola tous kai apo systasi den to syzitw, i kalyteri pou exw dokimasei! X x x

  2. Τα κρεμοντούς της Marsellais είναι τέλεια!! Χρησιμοποιώ το body butter της Vaselline με cocoa butter και πραγματικά το έχω λατρέψει!!

    1. Ta Marsellais einai latreia, ola tous! Body butter den exw dokimasei apo vaseline, epivalletai mia volta sta hondos! X x x

  3. Το αφρόλουτρο της Le Petit Marsellais το έχω και εγώ και μου αρέσει πάρα πολύ...το άρωμα πούδρας που αφήνει το αποσμητικό της Neutro Roberts δεν υπάρχει είναι υπέροχο απο τα πολύ αγαπημένα μου αποσμητικά!!!!

    1. Einai katapliktiko to afroloutro kai poly enydatiko.. To Neutro Roberts to xrisimopoiw para polla xronia kai ektos apo to arwma kanei kai poly kala ti douleia tou! X x x