Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ingrown fear

I don’t know whether any of you has ever been facing problems with ingrown hair after waxing but it has become a constant pain for me for the last two years. 

I've been waxing on my own since I moved abroad and I didn't know any trustworthy  saloon to get it done for me and since it saved me a ton of money I continued doing it after I got back home as well. I use the veet warm wax for my bikini and a roll-on depilatory wax heater (like this) for my legs, arms and any other parts of the body that are not that sensitive. The thing is that every single month I noticed that the weaker the hairs the more difficult to grow properly. They tend to grow under the skin and I have to pluck them with tweezers resulting in redness and usually small wounds which leave scars. I even got a really big spot in my bikini line a year ago which was really painful and was growing too much that I had to have it surgically removed.

After the surgery I was browsing for different ways of hair removal but since I hate razors, epilators cause worse results on my skin than the wax and I definitely can’t afford laser I had to rest my case and just deal with it! Not after I stumbled upon this little treasure at

Ingrown hair comes in a cute little 100ml spray bottle which retails at £12.50. It mainly contains water and salicylic acid, which I know is really good for any spot as well.  You spray it directly on the cotton pad or onto the area that you have just waxed or shaved, massage it with the cotton pad and wait around 10 seconds for it to dry. It says that you need to wait at least 30 minutes before you put any moisturiser on.  It does not sting at all and although I have super sensitive skin, especially at the areas I was using it on, it hasn’t caused any redness at all. Having used it for about two months now, which means after I have waxed and allowed the hair to grow twice already, I can say assure you that this product really WORKS. I can’t understand how but I didn’t even get a spot and didn’t have to use my tweezers at all!

Along with this and honestly just because I couldn’t believe that the spray would actually rid me off my problems I also got a tweezerman tweezers especially designed for ingrown hair. As you can see in the picture, it has got a really pointy tip which makes it easier to go into the skin and remove the hair gently and most importantly no blood is shed! You just need to sterilise them with alcohol right before and after the use and you can use them exactly like any other tweezers, only a little more cautiously because the pointed tip can be sharp as well. I thought £15 was a little bit overpriced for a pair of tweezers but I couldn’t find any other alternative!

All in all I believe that was the most effective 27 pounds I have spent! I ordered both on lookfantastic but they don’t seem to stock both anymore. However, you can currently find the spray on

What about you? Did you ever have any similar side effects of hair removal? Do you have any reccomendations of cool products that have helped you?


  1. very helpfull post...thnx!!!