Monday, 29 October 2012

Check Matte

I have noticed that lately I am really into trying new powders. Maybe it’s the fact that I can never find the best one that suits my needs perfectly. Well, to be honest, I have found the best one and it is a macstudio fix powder plus foundation but me being as cheap as I am after discovering online shopping and all the dupes and alternatives available I am not even close to spending that much money again for a single powder that wouldn’t last me more than a month!
Being willing to jeopardise getting a texture or colour that would not suit my complexion this time I chose the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. 

At least I knew I was not giving up on quality! I believe I have not expressed my love and passion for Rimmel well enough. I live in a country where Rimmel products are not available in stores and I first got to know the brand when I was living in the UK for my master’s and just needed a new mascara! I was amazed at the retail price and, after two-three times I tried it on my lashes, at the quality as well. My dad is still thankful that I wasn’t that much into make-up back then and his bank account is well retained! However, now that I am back, regretting my obsession starting a lot later, I decided to include this miracle in my rather small collection.

I know you’re going to think that I am way too late on my discovery but that’s the way it is when you live here! I put a lot of thought in how to describe this powder. First things first, I love it! I’m not sure yet if the colour, which is ‘002 pink blossom’ by the way, matches me perfectly but it seems to look really good during these autumn/winter days to come, probably because it doesn’t look as white on my face as in the picture. It kind of adjusts to my natural colour if you know what I mean. I like the texture and the way it applies on my face and I also love the fact that it actually does what it PROSMISES you it WILL! Since I have unbeatably oily skin my face tends to become shinny after about an hour I get out of the door for work! But not with this little treasure. First of all it doesn’t have a powdery effect after application. Secondly, I don’t need to use my blotting papers for a good 3-4 hours. And that for me is a miracle. I tend to touch my face a lot throughout the day; I work in an office for 8-9 hours and the phone is constantly part of my cheek! So… you can understand the reason of my turmoil! It is available on Boots and Superdrug and even Feelunique but the first two do not ship to Europe (yet I hope…) and I found the best deal at Chemistdirect for £3.73.

I am not sure if I have managed to include my excitement in this single post but this is a great powder and I definitely recommend it to anyone needing the perfect mattifying powder that really has lasting results!
Have you tried it yourself? Any other Rimmel products that I need to try for sure?


  1. Geia sou Georgina!!!Poly oraio post,xrisimo...
    Tha paw kai Agglia auton ton mina kai nomizw tha tin kanw tin agora mou!
    An thes des to blog mou edw:


    1. Thanks a lot! Vasika pare o,ti mporeis apo to stand tis rimmel!! se zileuwwwwww!!!

  2. το θελω!!!!!!!! βεβαια κολλαω στην αποχρωση... θελω κατι για καθε μερα και επειδη εχω κι εγω λιπαρο προσωπο θα ηταν ιδανικο. εχω διαβασει τα καλυτερα

    1. Min kolas stn apoxrwsi giati vgainei kai se transluscent! Einai ontws poly kali poudra! :)