Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Lip Stain crush test

I have to be honest with you. I went through the phase that I didn’t think that lipstick is important since it would disappear half an hour after I put it on. At that point I used to have 2-3 lipsticks and they just lingered there in my drawer without me even bothering to put any on, even when going out clubbing. Then, I was drown into the concept of make-up as a whole and started to want my lipstick to last. I hate taking my first sip of coffee at work only to realise that half my lipstick is on my cup. So then I went back to the first phase. And then I discovered lip stains. They all promised me nontransferable colour and moisturised lips. Walking around in the office not caring to reapply lipstick sounded like heaven! Amen! 
I started stocking up on drugstore lip stains full of excitement! My first one was an E.L.F. lipstain in Pink Petal. I put it on, super excited to realise that there is no color payoff. None at all. I actually tried to take a decent picture to show you but there was nothing to show! It also dried my lips and there is no balm provided so I used my regular one. Then I looked at my roll on to see that this was actually tinted, my lips weren’t! I sat and thought that I couldn’t expect much from a £2.50 product. 
So it was my favourite brand’s turn. I ordered the Rimmel’s 1000Kisses Lip Tint and Balm in Perpetual Plum and Timeless Tango, which are around the £6 mark. I applied Perpetual Plum full of confidence that this is definitely going to work. It actually did have some colour payoff and after I waited some time for it to dry, I applied the balm. And again, half of the product on the balm side. I started thinking I was doing something wrong! It did not last at all and since the colour was visible this time it had disappeared after I had finished my first cup of coffee at work. After a week of trying to make it last being self-conscious all day not to touch or lick my lips, I decided to give the other shade a try. 
And we have a winner. Timeless Tango is definitely worth the money. It has amazing colour pay-off and it actually stays on a good 4-5 hours without having to reapply. It’s a nice red colour that I find really wearable and I was so happy to finally find one that lasts. However, I am yet to find out how on earth it is possible two different shades of the same product and brand to be so different in terms of staying power.
What about you guys? Have you ever tried any lip stains? Which drugstore one did prove to be day-proof for you?

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