Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Rimmel Obsession continued

By now I believe I have elaborated my Rimmel obsession enough… And I hope that by now you have discovered its miracles as well!
One would think that a pencil eyeliner wouldn’t be worth covering a whole blogpost. However, I decided to rumble about it just because I was thrilled!

First things first, I need to point out that I am a bargain girl and I don’t see the point in spending way too much money on MAC or NARS or any other high end brand if you are not a makeup artist or a professional of any kind. That is why I always confront myself with drugstore products which to be honest have not disappointed me so far.
See what I told you about rumbling? Back to the product now, I have recently purchased the Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Denim Blue. I haven't tried Rimmel eyeliners before and that's why I only got one shade to try it out. This is an amazing deep blue colour which totally brings out brown eyes. It is very soft and easy to apply (take it from a person who hasn't figured out how to apply eyeliner yet) and the colour stays on forever! LITERALLY! I've recently been to a business trip and each one of you who has been to one already know that this is the ultimate test for make up products. You have to wear it from morning till night, including the flights. But this pencil passed with honours and did not disappoint me; it stayed in place even after my naps on the plane. What also made a very good impression is its staying power in the waterline. Usually when I apply colour in my waterline it either wears off within an hour or runs all over my eyes while wearing off! Since it is that deep a colour I can wear it both during summer and winter. It is also very convenient for smudging and creating the perfect blueish smokey eye.

All in all, I believe this is an eyeliner worth purchasing. I got it from chemistdirect for 2.83£ and I would definitely go back for more shades! 
What about you? Have you tried any Rimmel eyeliners so far?

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