Monday, 19 November 2012

E.L.F. Lipsticks

Elf oh my sweet Elf! You always spoil us with your constant offers and pamper us with discounts! After discovering elf my life has changed and my makeup collection has expanded so much that I had to find a new way to store everything! The prices are so reasonable and the products are definitely value for money. 
Last time I ordered I was craving lipsticks! So, there you go!
First things first, I hadn’t tried anything mineral-y before so I thought with these prices I’d give it a shot. I got two shades, because you know with lipsticks you can never just get one, Cheerful Cherry and Beautiful Berry. 
I was looking for something autumn-y and these looked like the perfect shades, very deep and pigmented. The first is a deep red, kind of crimson, and the second one sometimes looks like brownish and sometimes a little plum to me! I haven’t decided yet! The website was not of much help with the shades though but with a little googling you can find a lot of fellow bloggers that have swatched them for you (the ones that helped me decide are heartkristel and beautybykrystalThe lipsticks themselves are very good quality. The only weird thing is that since being mineral I expected them to be very moisturing and when you first apply them they are. However, after you buff it with a tissue and apply the second coat it dries your lips out. The pigmentation is very good though and with the above technique (and some gloss or lip balm on top to fight the dryness) it lasts for hours. One of them took the ultimate test as well during my trip to Russia and it lasted for full 4 hours after delivering speeches and eating brunch!

Now for the studio line ones. I got two shades again, natural and tea rose. These are supposed to be matte and long lasting. 
They are both nude colours and matte indeed. Not that long lasting though; they might get you through 1 hour after drinking coffee let's say. Also, the second you put them on your lips become dry. You can’t even do the classic move with your lips when you spread the lipstick? Even this feels uncomfortable. If you apply them on top of a lip primer or a lip balm you can’t get the pigmentation out of them and if you apply them alone it feels weird. I’ve made peace with it since I adore the colours but it is very annoying! However, I like the fact that they come with a tiny sharpener on the other end in case you want to use them as liners; haven’t seen that one before!
In the pictures above you can see me wearing all the colours in natural lightning, although it was a bit of gloomy day today, and you can pick your favourite shade. On my side we have a winner!!

You can find mineral and studio line lipsticks on elf’s website for 5£ and 3.75£ respectively in a variety of different shades.

What about you? Have you tried these lipsticks? Or even any other lipsticks from elf that you believe are worth buying?

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