Monday, 17 March 2014

Top 10 Spring Nail Polishes

Spring is here… Spring is actually here… It’s SPRING time everybodyyyyy! Excuse me for a sec, I need to jump around in my living room and do a small dance session! It’s not that I necessarily love spring, it’s that I get very bored and tired of gloomy weather and rain and heavy clothing and boots, etc. It’s the change that I like, I act the exact same way when autumn is at our doorstep! Today I gathered my top 10 favourite nail polishes for this time of year that will get your spirits up and go well along with your brighter clothing and makeup!

I’ve got two Barry M nail Jelly Hi-Shine polishes that I love. One of them is Lychee and I consider that to be a transition shade; you always need a nude polish in your life. This nude for me is the perfect one because, although I’m very pale, it doesn’t look like I have ‘dead hands’! The other shade I picked is Papaya, which is an orange that doesn’t look too bright or neon to me, so I find it perfect for spring. I picked two Flormar polishes from the Light Summer line, which are slightly shimmery polishes and are not very opaque. The LSO5 is a mint green colour and the LSO7 a muted orange (it's so boring when they don't give the polishes playful names!). I love topping my non shimmery nail polish with them and it gives any base a slight shimmer. With 3 coats it becomes almost opaque but I’ve almost never worn it on its own. I love how they transform any nail polish. Also from Flormar Pretty line, the P19 I feel is ideal for spring as it’s a gorgeous pale purple. An even paler purple is the Erre Due Morning Mist which is a colour I simply adore. It’s a pastel purple that makes your hands look so polished and springy! And since we are talking about purples the Fashionista Dreamy polish is another favourite of mine. It’s a periwinkle colour, which means it’s almost purple but also blue at the same time. I feel like during spring you have to rock a yellow polish at some point. For that reason I love Love Hearts U & I nail varnish  (you can get your hands on them here and they are on offer right now for 1£) which is pastel and perfect for that purpose. It can’t be spring without a pastel pink, can it? China Glaze Something Sweet is my favourite pink and I love their formula as well. They harden your nails and they don’t chip easily. And, we can’t leave out a baby blue! My favourite pastel blue is the Seventeen 36, which is an awesome shade and it applies really nicely as well.

Fashionista Dreamy swatch
These are my picks for what you need to put on your nails during spring! What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below! 

Georgina x x x


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