Thursday, 27 March 2014

My favourite face brushes

For this post, I thought I’d give you a peek of the brushes I use every day for my face makeup. It’s a post that I’ve been meaning to write since I got my hands on Real Techniques brushes, but it’s never too late right?

So my brush collection consists mainly, if not only, of Real Techniques and E.L.F. Studio Brushes. I find those two brands to make very good quality and at the same time affordable brushes which are great for multiple purposes. They don't shed at all and they do the job perfectly. The first one on my favourites’ list is the RT Buffing Brush. This is an excellent brush for liquid foundation application and it gives you a flawless effect. Same with the RT Expert Face Brush, which is different in shape and I find it to be a great match with my favourite BB cream (do you want to know which one it is? Head over to this post to find out!). For under eye concealer, blush and bronzer sometimes I use the RT Contour Brush which is small and pointy and you can pick up the product on the tip and blend it out wonderfully by swirling it around using the rest of the bristles. All of the RT brushes have synthetic bristles and they wash very well and dry very quickly.

From the E.L.F. studio range my favourite is the Powder Brush which I use for powder. It picks up a lot of product and I want my powder to give me a little bit of coverage as well as take the shine away and this one is perfect for that. It’s like a flat top kabuki brush and I’ve heard that other people use it for foundation as well, but I didn’t find it as efficient as the RT ones. This only downside with this one is that it takes ages to dry and I wash my face brushes everyday, so this really get on my nerves! Of course I've got two of them in case I decide to apply makeup 2 days in a row! I also love the E.L.F. Stippling Brush for blush, because I’ve been using the Fashionista blushes a lot lately which are extremely pigmented. This one picks up very little product and I can go back and add more if I want but not look like a clown with the first swipe! The last one is the E.L.F. Angled Blush Brush which I like using for bronzer. The shape is perfect for contouring my face and it blends the product like a dream.

So these are my favourite face brushes! Have you tried any of them? Which ones do you use in an everyday basis?

Georgina x x x

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