Monday, 10 March 2014

The Elite of Moisturisers for Combo/Oily Skin

Since my hormonal acne reappeared after 10 years and after several prescriptions including Accuran, I’ve been searching for a good moisturiser targeted for oily/combination skin (you can read how it all started here and there is a Vol.II coming up soon with before & after pictures and everything). Before, my bathroom cabinet had only one cream that I used sparingly. Now my cabinet is full of different brands and formulas in a quest to find the one that suits me best for different purposes.

I have a lot of requirements from a moisturiser. First of all, I want it to NOT break me out or irritate my skin in any way. Secondly, I want it to NOT be on the greasy side that most moisturisers are. I want to feel my skin hydrated but not shine like the sun. Also, I want it to put hydration back to my skin and help with those dry patches I get from time to time from retinol or other prescribed creams. The requirements differ depending on what I want it for, day or night use for example. The moisturisers below are the best ones I’ve found so far, serving different purposes each.

Evdermia Palmetin Cream
This is a very pleasant moisturiser (you can read a full review here) that I use mainly before I apply foundation because it helps keep my skin matte for longer. It doesn’t break me out, on the contrary, it treats acne and helps prevent any future pimples. It also helps with my hyperpigmentation and your skin feels very smooth and pleasant to the touch. It doesn’t provide loads of hydration but it’s a perfect base for your makeup along with treating your problem areas.
This is a brilliant product. As you can see in the photos I'm almost out that's why it looks a bit massacred; I cut it in half to get those extra application since the product would stubbornly linger on the sides of the tube. This is a morning and night moisturiser that gives your skin the hydration it needs without being too greasy. I’m not saying it’s matte but it’s not too shiny either. What I love most about it is the feeling it gives your skin afterwards. It makes it extra smooth to the touch and when you wear it at night you wake up with softer skin and without any redness. 
This is definitely a night moisturiser for me. Although it’s the light formula and it claims to matiffy your skin it’s greasy and shiny and the consistency is far from light. However, I don’t really care that much about it when I'm about go to bed! This one moisturises your skin wonderfully and you wake up to a hydrated, plumfull face. It revives your complexion and takes it from dull and stripped off the natural oils to glowy. Although it’s super moisturising it doesn’t break me out at all and gives the same smooth feeling as the other Nuxe cream. I use it almost every night, especially after a scrub or a mask that I feel my skin a bit stripped. You need this in your stash!
I wanted to try Castalia products for quite some time now but I was under the impression that it is a high end brand, which is definitely not. It is a drugstore brand, definitely cheaper than Nuxe. What caught my eye, is their line for oily skins Dermopur. I wanted to try it and the people at Castalia where so kind to send me a full size product. I love this moisturiser. It’s the only one I’ve found that gives you the moisture you need and ACTUALLY mattifies your skin. It’s a wonderfull base for your makeup as well as for those no makeup days that you decide to scare people a bit! Since I don’t wear foundation to work every day this is my go-to moisturiser and it’s gonna be hours before you feel your skin greasy. It’s a super lightweight formula and I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and it hasn’t broken me out; on the contrary, it makes my skin feel smooth and plump. Another must have product.
This is another morning moisturiser that mattifies your skin. This one is super lightweight as well and sets really quickly. It feels feathery on your skin and it manages to keep you matte for some hours. In my opinion, it is very similar to the Castalia one but I believe that this one doesn’t moisturise your skin that well. It does make it look matte and it doesn’t feel dry or irritated in any way but it doesn’t feel that hydrated either. A downside is that it comes in an opaque bottle with a pump and you can’t tell when you are nearly out to repurchase. Also, I always cut my tubes in half when there’s no product coming out anymore (and you’ll be surprised how much is left in there) which I can’t do with this one and it really gets on my nerves that I waste 3-4 applications’ product!
I thought I would throw in a serum here since we’re talking about hydration. This one claims to have retinol-like benefits for your skin without the dryness. It’s a 70% natural product and it can be either mixed with your moisturiser or applied before, or even on its own if you ask me. It is very lightweight, like a serum should be, and gets absorbed really easily as well as moisturising your skin perfectly (you can read a full review here). I think this one has helped somewhat with my breakouts and it has definitely made a difference with my hyperpigmentation. It is an extra step in my skincare routine that I don’t skip anymore. 

These are my top 6 moisturisers for oily skin. I have tried a lot more that I believe didn’t serve their purpose so let me know if you want me to do a ‘misses’ post to let you know which ones not to waste your money on.

Have you tried any of these? 

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  1. I love the Castalia moisturizer as well, it's really good! :) x

    1. Indeed, very lightweight and moisturising at the same time! x x x