Sunday, 3 March 2013

The 22 something tag

You would have well noticed that I’ve been missing for a while. I will not even try to get into it just because it will be typical excuses about workaholism all over again! So I’ve been tagged by Kleoniki to do a tag. It’s about things that I can’t live without and it’s called ‘the 22 tag’. First of all, I’d like to thank her for flattering me believing I’m actually 22! I will moderate it to suit my age though, no worries. I will not list them in any particular order just because I can’t decide which I need the most in order to survive!

1. If I was doing this tag about two months ago I would have said cigarettes but now I can't live without my e-cigarette! Way healthier option both for you and the ones you love.
2. My laptop/ipad
3. and wireless internet connection. I'm one of those people who use the internet even when they're in the middle of an argument about a movie when chilling at a coffee shop with friends!
4. Chocolate. In any form. And any flavour. If you want me to like you just give me chocolate.
5. My mobile. I have caught myself feeling miserable after realising that my phone is somewhere between my duvet and bed-sheets after having parked at the office's parking lot. *guilty*
6. My car. I'm not one of those people that are really into cars and drive their dream one. I would compromise with any car at all, just to have that feeling of freedom anytime I'm driving. Also, let's face it, it's so practical!
7. A boyfriend. I know this might sound weird not being specific (and fingers crossed my bf never reads these lines) but I am a very insecure person deep inside and I always feel lonely and miserable when I am single. Can't complain though, life's treated me well!
8. My watch. I kinda feel like I am walking naked at the street when I'm not wearing one. 
9. My job. I can't help but miss those days when I would wake up at noon or even afternoon when I was in uni. However, I feel so creative when I'm working and since I'm one of the lucky ones and I do what I love for a living it's so fulfilling that I can't compare it with anything.
10. A mascara. 
11. and a tinted lip balm to not scare other people when out of the door. I do it for their survival really!
12. My Avene hand cream. My hands get ridiculously dry both during winter and summer so this is an essential for me. 
13. My deodorant. I use a Neutro Roberts one, the one with the pink lid that smells like baby powder, and for the last 10 years we haven't parted.
14. The sea. Having grown up in a city with a port I’ve always had a connection with the sea that I can’t really explain. It’s not that every time I feel poorly I would walk along the sea and this will calm me; I rarely do that. However, the idea of living in a place that I have to drive miles to just have a view and smell the sea is repulsive to me. It might be the fact that I’m not very good at navigating myself around a place but I always know which way the sea side is so I can easily find my way around!

15. High heels. I just love the way they make me feel and look! And no, I don't care about the excruciating pain after wearing them for 8 hours straight at work!
16. Filtered water. I do that favour to my body on an every day basis. But I can't stand tap water!
17. Cereal. I have cereal every single day for breakfast. The only variation is the flavour.
18. Coffee. I have a timer that turns my coffee maker on every morning and the smell is the motive to get out of my warm bed.
19. Any sort of diary/ notebook/ list maker whether it is digital or paperback. I'm preeeeaaaattyyyyy forgetful!
20. Music. Any kind of music, 24/7. Especially when I'm doing chores or doing my makeup or even writing a blogpost like now, I have to have the radio on! And I sometimes pause whatever I'm doing to direct my own video clip!
21. My spot treatment creams because apparently I will never grow up and my skin will always act like I'm still 15!
22. My pillow, which I'm very picky about. I like the fluffy ones and I always sleep with a bunch of them laying around.
And it's time to reveal my age, so 3 bonus ones for you!
23. My brother. I have a weird obsession with him. I truly believe that he is the most handsome, smart, talented and perfect man in the world. Yeah, don't stare, it's true! And don't you dare argue with me!
24. My blog. And every other blog and youtube channel that I'm following. The fact that I can read about so many people's opinion daily and be able to express my own is fascinating for me and has become a big part of my life for the past year.
25. And finally my mum and dad. Just because they are the only ones that love me for who I am, even though they can't always find the right way to express it. 
So that was the tag.I will not tag anyone because as always I'm late to the party and every blogger I know has done it already. However, if you liked it feel free to do it yourself and share a bit more about you with the rest of us. I'd love to read it!

Georgina x x x


  1. Στο 3 και το 7 θα συμφωνήσω μαζί σου!!! Τα βλέπω και στον εαυτό μου αυτά :)