Sunday, 24 March 2013

50 Random Facts About Me

I’ve been obsessed with 50 random facts videos on youtube lately; seriously obsessed! I don’t only want to know the youtubers I’m subscribed to better but I watch any person’s video just because of the tag. Today I thought I would share some random facts about me with you, in the process of getting to know each other…!
1.  I am a really messy person. When my boyfriend is away the house looks like it’s been bombed. And no, I can't always find what I'm looking for like other messy people claim to do!
2. I used to sing professionally since I was 5. I would seriously get paid for the gigs!
3. I used to hate the UK when I moved there for my MA but now I appreciate what this country has to offer.
4. I never close the shutters in my house completely because I feel claustrophobic.
5. I don’t have any female best friends. My besties are two and they are both male.
6. I've been waxing at home for the last 3 years and I'm really proud that I've saved all that money that I would give to the salon!
7. I am addicted to TV shows.
8. I don’t like swimming. I only go to the sea in the summer to sunbathe and dive to cool down.
9. Also, I’ve never opened my eyes when under the water surface.
10. I’m right handed.
11. I only use an electric toothbrush. When I go away and can’t take it with me I can’t wait to get back home and brush my teeth properly.
12. I collect fridge magnets from each city I visit
13. and I have a Monica like obsession with them. I always know when someone has been messing with them.
14. I have a love and hate relationship with travelling. I love the idea of getting to visit a new place but once I get there I instantly become homesick. I guess I just miss the comfort of my own house and my pillow!
15. I hate packing a suitcase basically because I suck at it! I pack for a month even if I’m going away for 3 days!
16. I am ridiculously organized when it comes to work stuff or generally errands.
17. And to do that I always make lists! Hand written, on wunderlist, on sticky notes, everywhere!
18. I love baking. I rarely use my cooker to cook anything savoury but I really enjoy making sweet treats. 
19. I speak way too loudly!
20. My mood and preferences can change very very quickly.
21. I can never have white wine without coke.
22. I drink about 2-3 cups of filter coffee per day.
23. I used to smoke for 7 years and now I have switched to e-cigarette which actually works.
24. I get sick reaaaalllyyyyyy easily.
25. I used to be pretty chubby, like 38EUR/12UK, and I have now managed to fit in 34EUR/6UK trousers!
26. I used to teach English in private schools for 2 years and I loved it!
27. I've been living in my own apartment since I was 18 and I couldn't imagine going back to my parents'. I love them but can't stand them as flatmates!
28. I'm very, I mean veeryyyy, stubborn. 
29. I value other people's opinion about me way too much and get influenced by anything negative they might say. Even the slightest comment.
30. I don’t like going out on Saturday nights.
31. I love board games.
32. I am of average height.
33. I love dancing and particularly zumba.
34. I’ve worked as a waitress when I was studying at the uni and I loved it.
35. Also, I’ve never told my parents that!
36. I bear resemblance to both my parents; I have my mum’s mouth and chin and my dad’s forehead, acne prone skin, eyes and nose.
37. I am a 38EUR/5UK shoe size and it's so annoying to never be able to find my size on sales period.
38. I have no stage fright. Once I’m on stage everything comes into place although I can die out of stress 15 minutes before any presentation.
39. I'm very revengeful. Like another everyday Emily Thorne but for minor stuff!
40. I used to be obsessed with The Sims! I would literally sleep 6 hours, wake up and grab my computer mouse, eat take away food and sleep after my Sims characters have gone to bed for about a month.
41. I prefer audiobooks to actual paperbacks.
42. I can get very angry with computer illiterate people. Really angry!
43. I'm allergic to peppers and mushrooms.
44. I hate Valentine’s day so much that this year I literally forbid my boyfriend of getting me any presents on that day!
45. I’m a heavy sleeper and on days that I have no apparent reason of waking up early I can sleep for 14 hours straight. And nothing can wake me up! And even if it does I can go back to sleep in seconds!!!
46. During winter I’m always cold. I can only get warm under a blanket or a duvet.
47. I don’t like changes. Not even slight everyday type ones!
48. I’m never late when meeting somebody and I always end up waiting for them.
49. I cry a lot. I’m very empathetic and I always cry when people cry around me or on TV.
50. I am the little girl of my family and my brother who is 7 years older than me treats me more like his daughter than his sister. You can easily tell that I'm spoilt!
I hope you found it interesting and amusing learning more about me and I’m sorry if I bored you with my rumbling. I really enjoyed writing these down and realising how obsessive and weird I am! Thanks for stopping by!
Georgina x x x

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