Friday, 11 July 2014

Get Summer Ready: Beach Bag Essentials

I hope this post finds you with a little bit of tan and I really hope that your beach bag is already packed and you’ve hit the beach! However, if that’s not the case, I will take you through my beach bag essentials today. And even if you’re already on holiday, I hope this post gives you ideas about what you may have forgotten to pack and rush to the nearest shop to get it! Let’s dig into it!

First of all, I pack my bikini and my towel, the most essential items of all. I rarely get matched bikini tops and bottoms so I generally mix and match among what I’ve got. This year, my favourite one is rather plain, but I really love the flare that it’s got going on on the bottoms, I find it flatters my behind a lot! I don’t usually wear simple flip flops at the beach, especially since these rubber shoes came out and I fell in love. The ones in the pic are from Migato and I find them very convenient because they’re like everyday shoes which will not get super dirty and awful from the sand, plus they are very convenient while driving to the beach, which is not the case with flip flops. Another essential that we’ve talked about here are sunscreens. I’ve got quite a selection, my friends always find my beach bag very helpful for their sunblock needs! I always have an SPF 20 and 30, a tanning oil with SPF, a face SPF 50 and a hair sunscreen with me. I also take an Avene Eau Thermal, which is basically overpriced canned water, however, I don’t know how they do it, even if my beach bag is laying under the sun for hours and everything is boiling, this mist always cools me down and makes me feel refreshed after sunbathing for hours. Also, a mini deodorant always comes in handy, you know, to take care of that business! I don’t know about you, but my hair gets super tangled once I get out of the sea, probably because of the salt water. So, apart from the sun protection spray that smooths it a bit, I carry a comb with me as well. This Macadamia one is ideal for the beach because it is plastic, doesn’t get dirty from the sun and is infused with the famous Macadamia healing oil to help your hair feel soft and detangled.

If you go through any of my everyday bags or satchels you will definitely find a lip balm, so my beach bag would be no exception. Currently I’m loving the Blistex one. I place that, along with my keys, phone, hair elastics, cigarettes and money into a cute makeup bag. The one you can see in the pic below is from Vicko and it has a lovely Paris design on it. Also, don’t forget the hand sanitizer! If you want to grab a bite at the beach you need to have your hands sanitised, since everyone is talking about the bacteria that linger in the sand! Mine is from Cuticura which has a nice and fresh scent of cucumber.

What’s another essential when you’re sunbathing? Your hat! Don’t forget to wear your hat under the sun because it can easily give you a headache if you don’t. Let alone the feeling that your hair is on fire after 15 minutes! I have this jeans design one, since I can remember, so I can’t really tell you where to find it. Also, get a pair of fun and stylish sunglasses at the beach. Mine are from Tiger, and they are the coolest most colourful design ever, plus I’ve got a bunch of compliments on them!

Reading at the beach, while sunbathing, is my favourite thing to do. However, I don’t seem to concentrate in more serious reads so I always take my ‘lighter’, chick flick-like books with me. Every summer I seem to enjoy one or two Sophie Kinsella books. They are so amusing and total page turners, with characters that you can totally relate to. The first one for this summer is ‘The Undomestic Goddess’, I totally recommend it, I’ve been enjoying it a lot! A Cosmopolitan is also a must, especially if you are hanging out with your girlfriends and you can share some of the hottest tips and articles with them (if you know what I mean!). If I’m not reading, you’ll find me listening to music, so my headphones are an essential. I have playlists on my phone and I really enjoy listening to them at the beach, with only one headphone on though, to make sure I don’t to space out and miss any gossip coming from my girlfriends!   

Ok, and now you’re set! You can hit the beach having packed anything you might need! I wish you a wonderful summer and hope you get a beautiful tan! Let me know in the comments below what’s your No. 1 essential for the beach!

Georgina x x x


  1. Πολύ ωραίες προτάσεις :)
    Εγώ έχω την κακιά συνήθεια να μην φοράω καπέλο αλλά πρέπει να την αποβάλλω μου φαίνεται..

    1. Κι εγω το ιδιο! Απλα με ενοχλει ιδιαιτερα που νιωθω το κεφαλι μου να καιει μετα απο την ηλιοθεραπεια! X x x