Friday, 23 May 2014

Review: Sleek i-Divine Palette

I finally caved in and bought the Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel palette! It is a very hyped up product and I was eyeing it for months and I couldn’t resist any longer! Let’s talk about it in detail then!

First of all the packaging! Once you look at this palette’s packaging you realise that the brand name Sleek is not in vein! It is matte and very sleek indeed as well as sturdy. I like it a lot although it gets on my nerves that it can get dirty very easily! The palette consists of 12 neutral shades both matte and shimmery which can work pretty much for any look you’re going for. You can go light, you can go darker, smoky, non smoky, this palette does it all! What I like about the shade selection is that they are not lighter and darker ones of the same colour; it has got some taupe and browns but pinks and yellows as well. It also includes a highlithing shade and a matte black one. 

In terms of pigmentation I wasn’t amazed, especially with the lighter shades. As you can see in the swatches below I could barely catch the colour on camera for the shadows on the upper row. The darker ones are much better and they are beautiful colours of you ask me. I use Honeycomb and Toast in order to counteract the pigmentation and veins on my eyelid and Nubuck to slightly define my crease when I don’t want to go for a dark eye makeup. The shimmery shades are very nice as well with very finely milled glitter which gives a beautiful shimmer on your eyelid. The only downside with these is that they have a whole lot of fallout. Beware of that if you tend to do your eye makeup after you finish your base and apply concealer on your under eye area; I wouldn’t recommend it.

All in all, I find it a very good quality and affordable palette. I would definitely compare it to my MUA palettes though because I find it of similar quality only triple the price. However, a big difference they have is the packaging, which in my MUA palettes I have destroyed completely because it is super easy to break! You can get your hands on it via the Boots website that now ships internationally for 7.99£.

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts on it?

Georgina x x x