Monday, 14 April 2014

Review: Fusion Beauty UltraFlesh Shinebox

Today I have collaborated with and I will be reviewing a highlighter palette. I have never done a collaboration with a website before and to be honest I did know the existence of the site but have never purchased anything from them. However, as I’ve read good reviews and experiences from people that have bought things from there, I thought I’d go for it. 

The product that they sent me is a highlighter palette from the brand Fusion Beauty and it’s called Ultraflesh Shinebox. For starters, the packaging is amazing. I like that it’s sturdy and hard plastic and everything is secure in there; ideal for travelling. It includes one powder highlighter, two cream highlighters and 2 pencil ones. I liked the idea of having everything for your highlighting needs in place.
To be honest I’m not a huge highlighter fan. I rarely use any because I have oily skin and I feel like it exaggerates the problem. Also, I’m usually breaking out at the place where the highlighter goes so I don’t want to draw attention to that area. Given the shine I get throughout the day I did not particularly like the idea of using a cream highlighter. I found both the shades ‘anywhere’ and ‘anytime’ a little bit chunky for my liking, like I’m putting actual glitter on my cheekbones. Also, the fact that it is a cream product makes me even more shiny and glittery, which didn’t really appeal to me.

The ‘anyplace’ shade, which is the powder highlighter of the palette, is more finely milled and given the consistency, I believe works best with my skin. I like the way it applies and the fact that it is kind of bronzy in colour. Also, the pencils that come in the palette are amazing for highlighting the lower waterline of my eye. I usually wear a nude pencil there but given that the season calls for brighter and more highlighted eyes, I really like how it looks. I’ve also tried the ‘secret shimmer’ pencil on my browbone blended and it looked gorgeous. 

The palette is available on the website and it retails for 23,50€, it’s now on a 36% off offer. Also, for new customers they offer an additional 10% discount and they deliver your goodies anywhere in the world. They also offer all the high end brands with a significant discount, including perfumes. I have heard another blogger having a great experience with them after having problems with the customs they paid for the importing, which I believe equals great customer service.

Have you ever tried this product or any other highlighting palette?  

Georgina x x x

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