Friday, 31 January 2014

Brand Intorduction: EVDERMIA

Today we are going to talk about skincare! I was introduced to the brand EVDERMIA by my dermatologist who prescribed a mask by them and after seeing the wonderful results I deided to contact them to see where I could get some samples of the creams they do. They were so kind to send me some full size products and now I have a broader opinion about the brand in general rather than a single product. It is a Greek brand, targeted to acne and hair loss mainly, and you can find their products only in pharmacies/online pharmacies. Most pharmacies do not stock them so you might need to pre-order them. Below you can read the reviews for each individual product which have helped my acne prone skin loads.

This is kind of a moisturiser/acne treatment for oily skins. It’s thick in consistency and sets really quickly on your skin. I use it all over my face rather than on each pimple because it mattifies it. It doesn’t necessarily make your face feel moisturized but whenever I have worn it I don’t really feel my skin needs extra hydration. It is an excellent base for make up because it sets quickly and mattifies the skin so it will be hours before you get that annoying shine throughout the day. It gets 5* from me!

This is an absolute favourite of mine! According to the instructions on the packaging and the recommendation of my dermatologist you can either use it as a normal mask leaving it on for 15-20 minutes or as an overnight mask, putting it on before you go to bed and rinsing it off in the morning. In case you decide to do the latter make sure you sleep on a white towel because the sulfur that it has in it tends to discolour your sheets! Also, because of the fact that sulfur has a very distinctive scent you may think that it has kind of a funky scent to it, which I have to warn you lingers with you for the rest of the day. I don’t really mind that but it might put you off a bit. What this mask does is to dry out your existing pimples (the salicylic acid it contains really does the job), shrink your pores and make your skin a lot matter, especially if you wear it for 3-4 nights in a row. My skin feels really nice and soft afterwards and I have noticed that it has cleared out my pores on my nose, where usually all the dirt hangs out. It is an excellent product which I use it every time my skin goes crazy and is full of hormonal breakouts. This is my 3rd tube by the way!

This is the cream that I use on my better skin days to maintain the effect of the 2 products mentioned above. It feels a little bit thinner in consistency than the Caladerm one and doesn’t set that quickly. This is targeted to oily skins and claims to prevent acne ,not necessarily fight it. It does contain salicylic acid and allantoin like the ones on the Caladerm range but also has green tea and camomile which help with the hyperpygmentation. I find it quite moisturising for my oily skin but I can't say it blew my mind. I haven’t noticed any other benefits concerning my pores for example, however I do believe that it provides an excellent canvas for foundation. This one is a repurchase as well!

This is the product that I have used the least. It is an anti-aging serum with Hyluronic Acid and Q10 vitamins in it. The vitamins are captured in the muti-coloured spheres that you can see in the photo and dissolve to penetrate your skin when you start blending it with your hands. I use it mainly on my neck and d├ęcolletage because I haven’t really started caring about anti-aging products yet (should I??!) but I have used it on my face and I found it really moisturising without getting greasy or breaking me out.

In conclusion, I really believe that this is an excellent brand, with their hero product being the mask. They don’t provide a vast variety of products, these 4 are all they have for skincare, but they are such good quality. They are not very pricey either; I believe they are in the same price range as every other brand like Korres, Apivita or Avene with the same amount of product.
Have you ever tried this brand? Would you like me to write more posts like this focusing on a specific brand and talking about the products I’ve tried from their range?

Georgina x x x 

*this product has been sent to me by the company for consideration purposes.

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