Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Body, Hair and Nail Favourites 2013

This “2013 Favourites” seems to have been going on for ages! I really thought of doing the ‘13 products of 2013’ kind of post but I really wanted to share with you my little finds over the past year and, let’s be honest, I couldn’t really pick only 13 products! That’s why today I laid all my body butters and lotions, hair tools and accessories as well as nail polishes on my daybed and finally decided on what I was gravitating most towards in 2013! There’s a lot, I know, but I will try not to get into much detail about each one of them!

Body Care
The award for the best place to buy body butters, mists and generally the most delicious smelling bits and bobs goes to Bath & Body Works! First time I went to an actual shop was back in 2012 in Moscow, but was only interested in candles, because, as you all well know, that’s what it’s famous for. Later on, me and my boss have made it a tradition to visit the Moscow and Istanbul shop whenever we are there for work (the perks of having a female boss!). It was extremely hard to pick, but I think my favourite scent is Cashemere Glow. It’s sweet and fruity at the same time, with the note of bergamot being the most overwhelming. I have the whole line, but I’ve been loving the consistency of the body butter the most, as well as the divine smelling body mist. Another really sweet smelling body mist by BBW is the Warm Vanilla Sugar which is a wonderful blend of vanilla and sandalwood. Another absolute favourite is the True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere and Silk body lotion which really is as fantastic as it sounds. It glides on like cashmere on your skin, absorbs quickly and the scent of almond with vanilla and sandalwood is so relaxing, you really feel like you’re having a spa like experience! Let’s not forget The Body Shop body butters though, which are next in line and readily available for sniffing and purchasing purposes! If you haven’t smelt Vanilla Bliss do yourself a favour and go to your closest The Body Shop counter and give it a sniff; it is in their permanent line now, if I’m not mistaken. My favourite perfume this year has been Candy by Prada and I believe it won’t cease to be for another good couple of years ahead. Another really sweet scent, you can tell I like vanilla on me, can’t you? A very inexpensive but wonderful product I bought from Jumbo was the Queen Epile post waxing oil. I wax my legs at home and this one A. smells coconuty B. absorbs really quickly without getting greasy and C. removes any trace of wax left on your skin. Hidden gem for 2€ I think; trust me!

Hair Care
I believe 2013 has been the year that everyone went crazy about hair oils. I caved in and bought the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment which smells great and makes your hair smooth and really healthy looking. However, I use it in alternation with my Marakesh Oil Hair Styling Elixir which smells even better and in my opinion has almost the same effect, if not better. Before I use my Remington 32mm Curling Wand I always protecte my hair with the Sunsilk Pro Heat Spray, which doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. The award for the best brush ever goes to the Michel Mercier Detangling Brush for fine hair. It gets rid of tangles so smoothly and I have really noticed that the hair loss has been minimised. Favourite hair accessory? Of course the hair doughnut, which I got from H&M, that has got me through second or even third day hair making me look sleek and polished without anyone noticing that I've put any effort in it!  

Nail Care and Polishes
For nail care the Erre Due Honey Cuticle Softener has been making the process of pushing my cuticles for a polished manicure a lot easier. Barry M Hi Shine nail polishes have been a revelation to me the past year with the amazing formula that stays on with no chipping for 7 days straight and the opacity of their nail polishes. My picks of the bunch are Papaya, for the summer months, and Lychee, which promises you an all year sort of sophisticated manicure. Another amazing find were the Fashionista nail polishes which are hands down one of the best and long lasting formulas I’ve ever tried. My favourite one is Rhythm plus they are on offer right now for 1.5£ each! Another favourite nail polish is by Golden Rose in 25. I haven’t tried any more polishes from the brand, which I intend to in the near future, but this rose gold colour has been my go to quick and outa-the-door pick because of the convenient brush and the opacity that requires one 3 swipes on each nail! Another product that has made my life easier and my nails polished is the Essence French Manicure and Pedicure Pen which has totally changed my attitude towards French manicures! It’s a fool proof product, which you use exactly as you would a marker on your nails. Straight lines, no need for Q-tip corrections and a swipe of my TOP nail product SecheVite Top Coat and you are ready to go through your handbag without smudging anything in under 10 minutes!

Boy that was a long list! And with this post we are done with 2013 favourites and ready to leave this wonderful year behind us and focus on our resolutions for the year ahead. I hope you liked my picks and I would love to learn in the comments which ones have been your favourites! Stay tuned for a new blogpost line that I’ve created; brand introduction on Friday!

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Georgina x x x


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