Sunday, 1 July 2012

A make up, but not only, HAUL!

Soooo,  this blog is actually about make up!
Yesterday, despite being freakishly hot and the town empty, I decided to skip going for a swim and go shopping at the mall! It will be a haul plus I’ve already tested some of the products!

First things first, I’m currently testing one of the benefit products the ‘porefessional primer’. They put some amount in a jar for me at sephora, which I’ve already been using for 4 days now and there’s still some left. I think I love it!

For the record, I have super oily skin which gets a lot worse in the summer with the heat and the humidity! So at first, I didn’t believe it could do what it promises… but OMG it does! I wouldn’t call it a primer because it’s a product that you only use on your problem areas. When you go near the eyebrows or the little hairs close to where your hairline starts it doesn’t blend and it actually comes out in chunks that you need to get rid of with some brush. So I use it on my nose, chin and forehead, still carefull to avoid the eyebrows. It really minimizes the pores and makes your skin look flawless. Plus, it is transluscent so it doesn’t make my summer freckles disappear, which it took a lot of sun to get and I simply adore! It also leaves your skin feeling silky just 2 seconds after application. One more advantage is that your skin does not look oily for another 5 hours and that you can apply it over your make up as well to fix any smudges. Definitely gonna buy that from the only affordable provider… ebay! There are a lot of auctions going on there. The only difference is that you get the 7.5ml bottle instead for the 22ml one. Big deal, it’s not like I’m gonna marry this thing!
So today at Sephora there was a benefit event going on and they had a make up artist and everything (how luckier can I be?)! So, I sat on the chair and let her work her magic! I got to learn so much about their ranges and on how to use the products. I didn’t buy any but looked for them on ebay and they are actually affordable so I’ll be doing a review when the packages arrive!
The new Garnier BB cream for oily skins is finally in my grasp! Plus I got a 20% discount; Sephora rocked today! 

To be honest I didn’t believe any of you who worshiping this cream. I was like could a 9.99 cream, in my case 7.99 ;), make wonders? I went around and about asking to test other creams (Korres, Vichy, some other brands I’ve never heard of..) and to be honest I’ve seen better! I only bought this one because I didn’t wanna spend a gazillion euros on a product that would last me 2 months maximum! Because during summer I don’t use foundation or pressed powder! I just put on my moisturizer, now my porefessional primer as well and I’m out! I just don’t like my skin looking cakey and after two hours feel and see all of that start wearing off. So, I’ll test it for a week and you’ll have the verdict then!
Also, I paid a visit at Gallerie de beaute and got some nail stuff, yeah cause I’ve become addicted with those too! So, I got a nail polish from their new line, the one that’s supposed to have some gel ingredients in it and it doesn’t chip for 14 days. The bottle is pretty small, 5ml, and the colour is called ‘sky fits heaven’ no611. 

Weeeellll, it’s really good! I don’t know about how much it will last but the colour is great, the brush is easy to use and it dries really fast. It only cost 4,5EUR and it’s a great deal if you want to make a summer collection of different colours! I also got a cuticle softener from Erre Due which smells like honey and it’s exactly how it’s supposed to be; not very liquidy and makes your cuticles easy to remove!

And last but not least, something not related to make up but fashion, I got 2 pairs of sunglasses which cost only 9.99EUR each and I loved for their bright colours!‼ The store is called Bijoux Brigitte and I don’t’ know whether you can find it overseas :/ 
What about you? Have you tested any of these products? Do you have any favourite benefit products? Give me more ideas...! x x x


  1. Καλή αρχή με το blog! Πολύ όμορφο χρώμα το L' oreal. To porefessional και γω το χω βάλει στο μάτι

    1. σ'ευχαριστω και για την ευχη και για το follow! το Porefessional ειναι φανταστικο σοβαρα εξαφανιζονται οι ποροι! τσεκαρε το ebay και θα το βρεις σε απιστευτη τιμη!

  2. Καλη αρχη με το blog σου!θα σε παρακολουθω.
    το Porefessional ειναι η επομενη αγορα μου.εχω διαβασει τα καλυτερα.
    το χρωμα του βερνικιου καταπληκτικο!
    και τα γυαλια πολυ ομορφα!ειδικα τα μπλε.μεγεια!

    1. Σ'ευχαριστω πολυ! Κι εμενα ειναι η επομενη αγορα μου, απλα προσπαθω να βρω το καλυτερο deal! οντως ειναι τελειο και με το ροζ που εκανα στον παραμεσο ταιριαξε καταπληκτικα! Try it!

  3. I'm glad you liked the BB cream, I might buy one now! Your nail are is really pretty too :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

    1. Actually I loved the porefessional primer but Im not sure about the bb cream yet... i'll test it for a week and then i'll do my review! just don't go for it yet only if it's like 50% off which in the UK u get all the time I hear! :)

      x x x